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Volunteer Contribution

According to our experiences, ecological and cultural techniques with the contributions of the volunteers will be contributing to new experiences of development in the Amazon, which for the local population means an improvement in their quality of life and the contribution of the volunteers means a contribution Humanity and the environment as well as an extraordinary opportunity to intergrate and discover the diversity of the Parque Nacional del Manu and enjoy vital and regenerative contact with our mother nature. 195 dollars per week minimum 2 people, does not include transportation.volunteer contribution amazon peru travellers

Your participation in this program implies the commitment to collaborate with the staff in charge of maintenance of the nurseries and reforestation of the Reserve and the suggested daily work time is approximately 4 hours from Monday to Friday on Saturdays and Sundays expeditions or visits.

As a volunteer at the Manu, you will have the opportunity to work with a local non-profit environmental organization for the preservation and reforestation of a part of this forest in the Peruvian jungle. You will also be using your own skills and knowledge, adding a bit of life and new perspectives to these projects, as well as creating new workshops and classes for the community.

What makes this program unique and special is the fact that you have complete freedom as a volunteer. Your greater commitment and work the Leer más that you put in the program, will be beneficial for the environment and the local people. This project requires volunteers who work creatively and independently, this is not the best option for volunteers who are looking for a large organization and who supervises their programs constantly.

¿Por qué elegirnos?

Nuestros fundadores son guías con más de 5 años de experiencia trabajando en la selva.

Preferimos descubrir nuestros destinos y encontrar los que los hace únicos.

Proporcionamos el mejor equipo para su viaje que le permitirá tener una experiencia inolvidable.

Participamos de la naturaleza que nos rodea, contamos con guías nativos bilingües con amplia experiencia.

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Parque Nacional del Manu


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