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“The most important request for the development of ecotourism is the sustainable use and conservation of nature.”

We, Amazon Peru Travellers, are a company with conservation in mind, aware of the changes that have occurred on our planet because of human Amazon Peru Travellersactivity. We see ecotourism as a means of preserving nature by providing sustainable development for the communities that live surrounding natural habitats like Manu National Park. Direct contact with pristine nature inspires a love for conservation. Hopefully, people will return home with this feeling and share it with friends and family. If so, then ecotourism has an additional value as a source of environmental education that can be passed along to later generations...

Amazon Trips Peru

Manu National Park

Manú National Park is a national park and biosphere reserve located in the regions of Madre de Dios and Cusco in Peru. It protects diverse ecosystems such as lowland rainforests, cloud forests and Andean grasslands in amazon Peru...

Tambopata National Reserve

Tambopata National Reserve is a Peruvian nature reserve located in the southeastern region of Madre de Dios. The reserve protects several ecosystems of the tropical rainforest for the preservation of such forest and the sustainable amazon in Peru...

Travel Cusco & Machupicchu

Cusco and Machu Picchu are like two sides of the same coin. They are inseparable. Cusco, known by the Incas as the navel of the Earth, was the center of their vast empire. It is filled with buildings that expressed their power, wonder of the world Machupicchu...


Tour Manu Cultural Zone 3D

Tour Manu Cultural Zone

We will depart from Cusco very early in the morning in one of our vehicles. We will traverse beautiful valleys between the Andes Mountains and pictures country side communities in amazon.

4 / stars
Tour Manu Cultural Zone 4D

Tour Manu Cultural Zone

We will eat breakfast very early and then take a walk, during which we will be able to observe the fauna of the forest, such as monkeys and birds. Then, we will visit a coca plantation and a wildlife rescue center.

5 / stars
Tour Manu Cultural Zone 5D

Manu Cultural Zone Tour

A trip to explore the deep forest of the Manu rainforest in the lowlands of the Peruvian jungle and observe the enormous diversity of bird species and its flora and fauna of the Amazon Lodge.

5 / stars

Manu National Park Map

Manu National Park -

Amazon Jungle Tours

Tambopata Reserved 3D

Tambopata National Reserve 3D

Exploration of the Peruvian jungle with lush vegetation in the Tambopata reserve, it has a wealth of biodiversity of flora and fauna that the jungle has, it is a highly requested and preferred destination Amazon Peru.

5 / stars
Tambopata Tour 4 Days

Tambopata Tour 4 Days

The trip in Peru is special for people who like nature jungle. Is intensive, full of adventure, treks, with possibilities to find wild animals and the most attractive landscapes, the tambopata national reserve.

5 / stars
Tour Tambopata Macaw Clay Lick 5D

Tambopata Macaw Clay Lick 5D

Macaw clay lick is Located deep in Peru’s Tambopata National Reserve, Sandoval Lake overlooks sparkling, palm-rimmed Sandoval Lake, the most beautiful and wildlife-rich of all lakes in Tambopata-Madidi.

5 / stars
Ayahuasca Program Tour 4D

Ayahuasca Program Tour 4D

Ayahuasca is part of the Amazonian tradition in Peru, performing an ancestral ritual since ancient times. It is a natural medicine, capable of producing self-healing for those who participate in the indigenous tribes of the jungle.

5 / stars
Tour Sandoval Lake (Luxury) 3D

Sandoval Lake (Luxury) 3D

Is one of the best luxury lodges located into the tambopata national reserve perched above what many rainforest specialists feel is the most attractive sandoval lake in Southern Peru, if not in the entire Peruvian Amazon Peru.

5 / stars
Sandoval Lake Lodge Tour 4 Days

Sandoval Lake Lodge Tour 4D

Our nature and adventure tours are designed to learn about the great biodiversity of flora and fauna that exist in the Amazon rainforest of Peru, living a true adventure. Sandoval Lake Lodge has twenty-five double rooms.

5 / stars

Special program

Ayahuasca Program 4 days 3 nights

Ayahuasca is a quechua word that means “vine of the soul”. It is a concoction used by indigenous peoples for the purpose of liberating the soul from its corporeal confinement so that it may travel freely out of the body and return voluntarily. When the soul is free in this way, it may transcend the realities of daily life and enter a marvelous kingdom of non ordinary reality in which it may communicate with its ancestors. Above all, ayahuasca is a medicine, some say the great medicine. The best ayahuasca guides are known as shamans who undergo rigorous training and learn to maintain and augment their personal power through experience. Our shamans are amazonian natives who have tons of experience navigating the journey and facilitating life changing journeys for others.

Tour Ayahuasca - Amazon Peru

Why book with Amazon Peru Travellers?

Our founders are guides with over 5 years of experience working in the jungle.
We prefer to authentically discover our destinations and find what makes them unique.
We provide and recommend equipment for your trip to allow you to have an unforgettable experience.
We take part in the nature that surrounds us, we have native bilingual guides with ample experience.


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Nora Martinez

20 January 2020

Fuimos una familia de 5 personas incluidos con niño pequeño y adulto mayor a conocer el misterioso Manu para pasar año nuevo de 4D/3N y nos guío Germán ,un guía muy profesional y conocedor de flora...

Our Manu Lodge

Amazon Harpy Lodge in Manu Jungle
Peru Jungle Lodge

Tourist excursion to the Manu National Park with access to the Manu Biosphere Reserve, the Tambopata reserve and Lake Sandoval, all to rest in the lodges within the Peruvian Amazon

Amazon Harpy Lodge

Good location a few hours by road from Cusco, our Manu Amazon Harpy Lodge is located in the cloud forest at the confluence of the Madre de Dios, Pilcopata, Atalaya and Salvacion rivers. Manu Amazon Lodge is a tourist lodge with its typical jungle facilities, private cabins for a stay close to nature with flora and fauna.