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Lago Sandoval Lodge – 4 Days

Our nature and adventure tours are designed to learn about the great biodiversity of flora and fauna that exist in the Amazon rainforest of Peru, living a true adventure. Sandoval Lake Lodge has twenty-five double rooms and with hot showers and toilets and a dining room with a panoramic view of the lake.

There is also electricity available in the early morning before dawn and at night after sunset with kerosene lamps and candles. Electronic devices can be recharged from our generator, but please note that customers may need to carry a special adapter to connect to the generator. Lake Sandoval One of the main destinations from Puerto Maldonado.

The lake has a great scenic beauty and is a rich ecosystem, is about 3 km long, 1 km wide and a depth of 3 meters. Its waters have an average temperature of 26ºC, with great ichthyological richness. Surrounded by extensive aguajales, swampy areas where grows a palm called aguaje, among other exotic species. Within the flora stand out orchids, platanillos (parrot beak), ungurahuis, lupunas, mahoganies and mauritias palms up to 30 meters high. Habitat of a large variety of birds such as cormorants, toucans, macaws, parrots, camunia and herons, as well as a colorful species of wild hen called “hoatzin” or “shansho” (Opisthocomus hoazin) whose head has a feathered bow.

There are also tapirs, turtles and otters or “river wolves” as well as various species of lizards, including the black lizard.

Sandoval Lake Upon arrival in Puerto Maldonado, you will be transferred to the office to store your extra luggage. Then we board a motor boat for 25 minutes. From there you can walk 2 miles (3.2 km) to Lake Sandoval. Once there, we will board a canoe to the dock of the Hostel. After settling into the lodge, you will explore the western end of Lake Sandoval to see a lot of birds like the macaws. After dinner, in a canoe we will look at the banks of the rivers of black caimans.

Sandoval Lake Early in the morning, we will return to the lake in search of the giant river otters and Hoatzins (pre-historic birds). Later, you will learn how natives collect and market Brazil nuts. After lunch we will return to the lake to see Leer más species of monkeys living in the forest near the lake, such as the brown capuchin monkey and the squirrel monkey. Optional night walk (to see insects, frogs, snakes, etc.)

Sandoval Lake In the morning we will explore some of the jungle trails in search of plants and insects. Your guide will explain the importance of tropical forests and the Amazon rainforest and how their destruction will affect your life. In the afternoon, you will have your last chance to see a wonderful sunset. Optional night walk (to see insects, frogs, snakes, etc.)

Sandoval Lake After breakfast, ride a canoe to the other shore of Lake Sandoval, then an excursion to the Madre de Dios River. From there we will board a boat to Puerto Maldonado. Once there, pick up your luggage in the office of the City of Puerto Maldonado on the way to the airport or the land terminal. Important notes: Keep in mind that the program may vary slightly in order to maximize your wildlife sightings, depending on the reports of our researchers and experienced naturalist guides.


Professional guide
Entrance to the Tambopata National Park
Private tourist transportation and private boat
All meals (vegetarian on request)
First aid, extractor (for poison)
Communication radio
Alcoholic’s drinks
Airport taxes
Mosquito repellent
Long-sleeved shirts (cotton is better)
Flips flops
Rain Poncho
Long pants
Hiking shoes
Binoculars (can also be rented)
Plastic bags for your camera and clothes.
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Sandoval Lake Tours

Lago Sandoval 1D

The lake has a great scenic beauty and is a rich ecosystem, is about 3 km long, 1 km wide and a depth of 3 meters. Its waters have an average temperature of 26ºC, with great ichthyological richness.

Lago Sandoval 2D

The trip is special for people with short time available. Is intensive, full of adventure, with possibilities to find wild animals and the most attractive landscapes, the lake is considered one.

Sandoval Luxury 3D

Is one of the best luxury lodges located into the tambopata national reserve perched above what many rainforest specialists feel is the most attractive lake in Southern Peru.

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