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“The most important request for the development of ecotourism is the sustainable use and conservation of nature.”

We, Amazon Peru Travellers, are a company with conservation in mind, aware of the changes that have occurred on our planet because of human Amazon Peru Travellersactivity. We see ecotourism as a means of preserving nature by providing sustainable development for the communities that live surrounding natural habitats like Parque Nacional del Manu. Direct contact with pristine nature inspires a love for conservation. Hopefully, people will return home with this feeling and share it with friends and family. If so, then ecotourism has an additional value as a source of environmental education that can be passed along to later generations.

Amazon Peru Travellers observes ecotourism as an invaluable form of sustainable development. Our company has participated in ecotourism development as part of a National Strategy for the Conservation of Biological Diversity.

At Amazon Peru Travellers, the security of our passengers is our first priority. Our staff and our equipment ensure safety, allowing for natural and adventurous trips, along with comfort in a tropical jungle setting. Our many years of experience working in the Reserved Zone of the Parque Nacional del Manu has made our company the leader in taking tourists to the Reserved Zone for the last seven years. Do not miss the opportunity that Manu Adventures offers. Visit and enjoy virgin habitats in the mountains, cloud forests, and lowland tropical rain forests.

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¿Por qué elegirnos?

Nuestros fundadores son guías con más de 5 años de experiencia trabajando en la selva.

Preferimos descubrir nuestros destinos y encontrar los que los hace únicos.

Proporcionamos el mejor equipo para su viaje que le permitirá tener una experiencia inolvidable.

Participamos de la naturaleza que nos rodea, contamos con guías nativos bilingües con amplia experiencia.

Visita el hermoso paraíso natural de Perú


Parque Nacional del Manu


Reserva Nacional de Tambopata